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Dangerous Delusions: Lessons of a Lifetime

by Dr. Rolf Schulze

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The crowd near the Chancellery in downtown Berlin was most agitated and repeatedly uttered the phrase "Der Führer kommt" while my father hoisted me onto his shoulders. Even though he was six feet tall, I was too young to know where to look for Hitler’s open Mercedes or to understand future events and the meaning of the Nazi regime to me or my family. First rationing in 1938, then experiencing my first British bombing while in Hamburg. Way too close during nightly Allied bombings of Berlin while going to grade school. Later leaving small town Silesian Boarding School while fleeing from Soviet tanks and artillery at the end of WW II, being nearly killed by a strafing US P-47 not long before Patton's Third Army soldiers liberated me and my English born mother in April of 1945. The American C-Ration package, including a carton of cigarettes which were better than gold and kept us alive. The war was finally over for us, even though our post-war suffering was not done since the Russians blockaded Berlin while the US Air-Force, the Brits and French planes, hauled just enough powdered milk and coal to Western Berlin's two-and-a-half million starving but grateful citizens. While my undergraduate studies and post-graduate Sociology Ph.D. studies, enabled me to formulate and test my theory of gradual indoctrination of children into a variety of religious, political or nationalistic belief systems. Such indoctrination is just about universal. My own early indoctrination into Nazi ideology was terminated somewhat before the end of WW II, as that of many others by Hitler’s failures and disastrous military losses. Finally reading about what I have chosen to call the "Dangerous Delusion" of Aryan superiority versus Jewish and Slavic inferiority, taught me enough to feel deeply ashamed of what my fellow Germans had allowed to happen in the extermination camps in Poland and elsewhere. Other dangerous delusions are all too common around our fragile and over populated planet. While ISIS and related ideologies have not matched Hitler’s military accomplishments or the German gas chambers of the exterminations camps, the Islamic caliphate of Abu Bakr al Bagdadi has attracted enough Muslims and others to challenge the West and its more secular cultures. Education and Science must be taught versus Dogma and unchecked beliefs typically taught in Koranic Madrasas. As it turned out my father, who was drafted into the German Army at the age of 38, is now buried in the formerly Eastern Polish territory annexed to the Soviet Ukraine, now the "independent" Ukraine. His involuntary sacrifice enabled my mother, me and my younger brothers, to emigrate to the USA in 1950. 171bf2437f
























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